the "lobster baby"

Parents, are you celebrating baby’s first Halloween this year?  Show us your costumes! The ever-popular “Lobster Baby” is a true internet classic and still our favorite picture of Halloween’s youngest fan getting into the holiday spirit!

Sierra Leone Pregnant Woman

When Thomas Duncan helped his 19 year old pregnant neighbor, Marthalene Williams, into a taxi bound for a downtown hospital, he had no idea that this simple act of charity would affect so many lives.  Just a few weeks later, everyone who helped Williams that day was sick or dead themselves, and Ebola had touched […]

preterm baby

Throughout the years, professionals studying child development have identified a correlation between low birth weight and stunted behavioral and academic performance.  A study led by Dr. Maureen Hack of the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland confirmed past research efforts that found many preemies with low birth weights had learning difficulties and persistent neurological […]

helmet therapy

Putting baby to bed on their backside has long been toted as a good parenting technique for the prevention of SIDS.  And while fatalities from sudden infant death syndrome have certainly decreased, a worrying side effect is now on the rise. Roughly 1 in 5 infants under the age of 6 months develop a positional skull […]

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neonatal intensive care journal

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healthy breastfeeding

Dr. Katie Hinde, professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University, is no stranger to the benefits of breastfeeding.  “The milk that a mammalian mother produces for her young is a complete and comprehensive diet,” Hinde, and her coauthor, J Bruce German, stated in their 2012 paper on breast milk, a view supported by the […]


A government study measuring national obesity rates has found that the number of overweight preschoolers has shrank by 43% in the last decade. While obesity remains an epidemic among older generations, it seems that 2- to 5-year-old Americans are beginning a new trend of health-conscious eating and responsible weight gain.  Encouragingly, this pattern may spark countrywide change, […]

protect and soothe through language

The sound of a mother’s voice is instinctively attractive to a newborn baby, a reassuring and encouraging balm during our most helpless phase.  But can parental speech actually help a baby survive? A new therapy based on maternal voice-recognition is emerging for hospitalized preemies.  Through a combination of mothers singing to their babies and pacifier-activated […]


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